Divine International School has Innovative programs for entire school students that build resilience, improve emotional balance, teach social and emotional learning skills and help kids navigate distractions. Yoga is considered as the ancient tradition that deals with your postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and ethical principles. Nowadays, yoga becomes very popular among adults and teenager because it will bring you a lot of health benefits. In the matter of fact, certain people have already concluded that yoga is becoming a part of their lifestyle.

1) Reduces Stress And Anxiety Yoga’s innate ability to cease the mental chatter and live in the moment reduces stress and anxiety, showing profound benefits in every sphere of life. Students are very stressed individuals, keen to outperform themselves and prove their worth every chance they get.

2) Improves Memory And Attention Span Yoga helps to improve the memory function in both adults and children, a direct benefit of which would be a better academic performance in children. It also helps to improve children’s attention span and focus. In fact, yoga aids children suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as well by reducing its core symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity

3) Helps To Manage Weight Children spend long hours in sedentary poses and tend to consume a lot of junk food as well, both of which are a by-product of the new age lifestyle. Yoga hevos to counterbalance this lifestyle,

4) Improves Flexibility, Balance And Posture Sitting down to study for long hours at a time and too much screen time can lead to incorrect posture. This poor posture in childhood can developlinta malplanet in adiw life.


5) Teaches Correct Breathing Techniques Breathing is fundamental to life and how we breathe is directly related to our overall well-being. Good breathing affects our movement, our posture, and our ability to handle stress in a positive way. 

6) Improves Self-Control Through controlled breathing and controlled movement, yoga teaches people self-control As a result they do not react impulsively or make hasty decisions even in anemotional state

7) Boosts Immunity And Improves Physical Appearance Alongside its myrlad health benefits, yoga also boasts Immunity and prevents attackstom different vituses cand bacteria by increasing the leveis of antibodies. Yoga promotes blood cuculation which can work wonders for the hair and nails. A healthy body feels and looks happy

8) Increases Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem sogg is tangible Through asanas, children buud strength, endurande, confidence as well as the mind bedy connection. You can sele assess the changes and positivity you feel alteraving engaged in this for some time. Ihis goistidence attained on the lo ga wat is then qarted into the real world as well along meh strength, Compassion and aceptans