We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

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About Us

The Journey of Divine International School Began In the year 2019. A spacious colorful school with a scientifically planned curriculum opened eyes of the parents to a new way of bringing up children. From here on, Divine international school vision is to be a trendsetter for school education.

Divine International School prides itself on the quality of its educational programmes, the professionalism of its staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the high level of support provided by parents and community members. We are an open school and we actively seek participation and involvement from the whole school community.

School Aims

  • We believe that learning should take place in a happy caring and stimulating environment in which staff, children, parents and the local community have important roles to play. To this end we aim.
  • To ensure continuity and progression within the curriculum and provide opportunities for children to develop on understanding of the world and their influence upon it.
  • To help children develop spiritually and morally, drawing inspiration from and developing tolerance of, word religions, culture and ways of life.
  • To develop each individual as a caring, concerned and contributing member of the community.
  • To enable children to develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and discuss rationally and to apply themselves to realistic tasks and challenges.

Our Mission

  •  To impart knowledge in order to activate the intellect, generate curiosity, from proper attitudes, inculcate human values, fearlessness, self reliance and self forget fulness, all of which go to make a perfectly integrated personality. To provide wholesome development of the child i.e. the intellectual, physical, moral, social and emotional development.
  • To foster simple values of life on the child’s education at all levels, ensuring promotion of rich Indian values.

  • To acquaint the students with the nation’s cultural heritage & with the principles of democracy, secularism and national integration.
  • To grow each child into a creative and confident citizen inn wide range of activities so that he/she can achieve success in life.
  • To raise the potential of each child to stand successfully not only at national level but also in global scenario.



Pre-Primary (Playground to UKG)
At Divine we have four classes at the Pre-Primary level: Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, UKG. Pre-Primary provides a well-researched, comprehensive, thematic and creative curriculum which suggests many ideas for collaborative and active learning. The hands-on experience given to each child under each theme, quickens  the learning in a play way method. The curriculum planning is sensitive to multiple intelligence of a child and is done keeping in mind that each child is a unique individual with his/her individual learning capacity and style.




• Activity Based: Child-friendly activities 
• Creative Art & Craft activities 
• Puppets: Use of puppetry to conduct classes 
• Song, Rhymes
• Excursions
• Outdoor activities: Games, swings, Ball Pool 
• Stage activities: Dancing, Enacting, Rhymes, Skits



We equip students with the following skills and design our activities to promote them:
• Conversational skills 
• Drawing conclusion
• Experimenting 
• Identifying patterns 
• Motor skills 
• Social behavior
• Thinking skills 
• Vocabulary enhancement


• The Primary School is the next stage in the child’s education.
It  is crucial at this is when children into the word of formal academics and school life.
• At Divine International School we have created balanced curriculum, imparted by trained and qualified teachers, wherein our students learn about their roles, responsibilities and place in  society.
• They develop creative thinking abilities and master independent learning skills. Physical education, Project work, Art & craft, Music & Dance  are some of the co-scholastic activities carefully crafted in their routine.

Middle Level (6th to 9th)

The school integrated and interlinked curriculum framed on the guidelines provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education for the holistic development of child’s personality. It includes assessment in scholastic as well as co-scholastic aspects of child’s growth. Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specifies areas, whereas co-scholastic aspects include life skills, co-curricular activities, attitudes and values

Beyond the Curriculum

Extra-curricular Activities

At Divine ,we believe that extra curricular opportunities help to enrich the school and learning experience.

Our Approach

How we achieve it

Pursue excellence and all else shall follow. We aspire to install the right attitude, values and vision that will prepare the students for lifetime of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

Our Values

We believe in

Student success 
Lifelong learning 
Respect, Integrity,
Trust, Honest and Ethical Behavior 
Continuous Quality Improvement 



Personal Attention
Divine International School provides a loving and caring environment which enables students and staff alike to grow holistically and feel accepted. No one is left to fall behind as everyone is offered a genuine helping hand. Counseling and guidance as ell as live-ins that deal with personal and social issues and Personal and Social Development lessons, are services that we offer on a regular basis.

We have Montessori way of education & regular Parting parenting Workshop. We have maintained excellent academic achievement over the year. Progress across the school for all children is good and we are also very proud of how well our children progress. Our academic excellence is due to good teaching and our balanced curriculum.

With everyone’s help, our school enjoys a clean and safe environment. We constantly and continuously Endeavour to respect and protect the very space which allows us to learn as we believe that every little thing counts: unnecessary printing is avoided, paper use is controlled, electricity and water are used appropriately, waste separation and recycling are practiced daily, and efficient electric energy is used.

Divine International School has made it one of its priorities to offer its student all the means to learn the necessary competences to survive in a fast-changing, digital and technological world. As anyone lacking these competences  in today’s workforce is considered to be illiterate, our school has invested in a technological infrastructure, wi-fi over its premises, and smart classes which every teacher can use to teach important notes and information.

Bagless School

for pre-primary

Different from others

Divine International School is a unique school. Not only do we do so much with the children- we also it without giving the children any burden! DIVINE has always been a bagless school. We decided that it would be a school which provides a plethora of activities to the children and there would be no bags to be carried.
How do we do this? With creative thinking! Students have their own set of textbooks for themselves at home. The textbooks that are needed in school are kept in school itself. So no textbooks need to be carried between home and school.
We provided the students with worksheets- both printed sheets and plain sheets. Each period’s activity is planned at the beginning of the year. The sheets needed for the activity are printed and exercises and activities too. Because of intensive planning, all activities happen in a systematic manner.

Why we choose bagless education

  1. It require less efforts as students have to carry 1-2 kg of weight of beg.
  2. Less time consuming process for both students and institutions.
  3. It leads to optimum utilization of resources.
  4. It makes the system more transparent.